things jackie says
ok. i have just the thing for you. it is what i call the subtle prank. tomorrow, go into work with the faintest eyeliner on your upper lip. grdually keep adding more eyeliner to your upper lip, possibly even start gluing on some hairs. then one day, walk in with a full on mustache, a big bad curly mutherfucker. when your boss asks what is wrong, you say “WHAT MUSTACHE” or “I MUSTACHE YOU NOT TO PRY”
jackie is asked for prank suggestions
red one - HONK HONK
jackie is asked what kind of car she drives
which one of the ninja turtles likes pizza?
jackie asks after someone explains how the four teenage mutant ninja turtles represent the four humors 
in a group blog we’re trying to start up, tucker asked us all to introduce ourselves with a .gif

jackie posted a .jpeg.

defining yourself

car commercial: it’s what you do in private that defines you.
jackie: i pick my nose in private.. does that define me?

who’s got a beepboopbopboopbeep?
jackie asks to borrow a phone
about talking to a professor
jackie: and i was like, you're being difficult!
thiv: whoa did you really say that to him?
jackie: uhh.... no, i told him... he was being a tough cookie.
bailey’s is the first thing i got drunk off of, and i ran into the woods and my friends had to drag me back and say “THERE’S NO CASTLE IN THERE YOU ASSHOLE”
jackie finds a little bottle of bailey’s and reminisces
What would happen if Jackie and her mental doppleganger (I know someone else with a seemingly very similar personality quirk) spent 24hrs together?

"it’s not a QUIRK its my LIFE so go get a room! hahha… so you and your quirky friend can go get a room! hahah yeah! and i’m not coming!"